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VAR and ISO guide to competing with large payment companies.


Competition from newer, larger players in the payments space is one of the biggest challenges that VARs and ISOs face. But have no doubt: You can compete and win against these larger entities. Start with these two advantages that differentiate your business from larger payment companies.

The impact of payment companies’ M&A activity on channel partnerships and customer service.


When it comes to delivering quality customer service, bigger isn’t necessarily better. The payments space has experienced a high volume of merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in recent years. While those mergers created gargantuan global payment companies with expansive payment capabilities, in some cases, they resulted in awkward relationships with partners and poor end-user experiences.

Ridin Solo! Meet the Payanywhere Smart Keypad.


You've already met our power couple, the Payanywhere Smart PINPad Pro (PAX A80 + SP30). While these two devices are great together, right now we want to shine the spotlight solely on the merchant facing half.