Grow your portfolio by selling secure government POS systems.

NAB makes it easy to add government agencies and public utility companies to your merchant portfolio. We can even design, build, and integrate a unique payment processing solution for every merchant!

We offer a number of solutions for government agencies, including recurring payments for:

City, county, and state taxes.
Utility companies.
HOAs and property management.
Permits and licensing.

When it comes to government payment processing, security is our #1 policy.

If you're looking to sell merchant services to a government agency or public utility company, processing payments accurately while safeguarding sensitive data during is imperative. Whether your prospects need to accept payments for city, county, or state taxes, or for courts, parking, permits, or licensing, NAB can help you add these merchants to your portfolio by promising a safe and secure platform.

We help government agencies and utility companies accept:

Web payments.

Intuitive, customizable solutions for web customers.

Over-the-counter payments.

Accommodate in-office customers quickly and easily.

API/Gateway payments.

Payments integrated into client applications.

One integrated platform.

Connect data, customers, and payments.

Phone payments.

Interactive voice response (IVR) payment systems.

Mobile payments.

Next-generation payment solutions.

Bill presentment.

Instant, paperless access to bills.

Recurring payments.

Ensure that customers never miss a payment.

PCI compliance.

Secure data for your merchants’ peace of mind.

Customized settlement.

Save time with easier reconciliation.

Payment error prevention.

Fewer exceptions, happier customers.

Flexible fee models.

Offer convenience without cost.

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