A unique approach to the perfect POS and payment solution.

Written by Jereme on

Finding POS hardware and software customized for each merchant takes more than selling a cookie-cutter solution. 

While IT solutions providers can fall into the trap of touting your partners’ technology, when it comes to point of sale (POS) systems, operating under this approach might mismatch your clients with a solution that fails to address their pain points and priorities. It’s time to take a more effective, customer-centric approach to providing payment solutions. 

Put the merchant’s needs first.

If you want to build long-lasting customer relationships rather than just close a sale, start by listening, not talking. Merchants planning to invest in new technology don’t need to be pressured into signing on the dotted line. What they do need is a trusted advisor and ally — one uniquely attuned to their challenges and committed to driving their success. 

Just as important as listening is asking your prospects questions. This will uncover problems to solve and opportunities to pursue. Leverage your role as an experienced provider to translate what the merchant is struggling with into the perfect POS and payment solution. Instead of going into your initial conversation with a list of options prepared ahead of time, allow a question-and-answer session to guide how you will get to the bottom of each merchant’s needs. 

How ISO agents can gain an edge.

When it comes to the size of your POS network: The more, the better. Working with a wide variety of POS players will increase your chances of matching the merchant with technology that alleviates their specific pain points. Partnering with a payments technology company that offers a team of solution-oriented consultants (rather than pushy sales reps) is the best way to find the perfect solution for every merchant. In addition, leveraging your partner’s knowledgeable team of POS consultants can introduce your prospects to new options, integrations, and features that they didn’t even know were available to them. 

When your payments partner builds a network of independent software vendors (ISVs), you can view them as collaborators, not competitors. This all-hands-on-deck approach to working together for the good of the merchant will help you create the most positive client outcomes — and help you grow your business and improve client retention. 

NAB’s POS Pros team is here to help with the process of finding and implementing the right payments solution for every merchant. They’re ready to whittle down the mountain of options based on each merchant’s vertical, demo any platform of interest, talk through configuration, and crunch the costs. The POS Pros can help spec out the merchant’s future roadmap; maybe your client is looking at a loyalty launch or really wants to get its arms around inventory. The team can sift through the long list of options and find the integrated POS solution that ticks all the boxes without breaking the bank.